Miscommunication Can Draw Out Your Divorce

Our divorce attorney in Danbury, CT will make sure everyone is on the same page

Divorcing your spouse is stressful enough. Miscommunication about child custody or financial issues can cause additional heartache and delays, but it can be avoided when you work with an accessible divorce attorney. Turn to the Law Office of Laurie Gallo, LLC in Danbury, CT for guidance or divorce mediation services.

Our law firm represents Connecticut couples in collaborative and contested divorces. We can help you sort out issues related to...

  • Cohabitation
  • Grandparents' rights
  • Post-judgement motions
  • DCF or CPS proceedings
  • Child support or visitation
  • Civil unions or domestic partnerships

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Need protection from your abusive spouse?

If you want to divorce your spouse due to domestic violence, contact our divorce law firm now for a consultation. We can petition for a civil or criminal protection order (restraining orders) if you're concerned about your or your children's safety.

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