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Mediation Attorney in Danbury, Connecticut

Mediation is designed to help people resolve disputes without the expense or hassle of litigation. If you and your spouse are willing to work together to negotiate your divorce terms, it's worth looking into mediation services.

At the Law Office of Laurie Gallo, LLC in Danbury, CT, you can work with a highly trained mediation attorney to resolve your dispute. Attorney Gallo will maintain the peace throughout the process, which includes...

  • Introducing your attorneys

  • Sharing both sides of the story

  • Gathering pertinent information

  • Identifying areas of settlement

  • Negotiating the settlement

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Here to Mediate During Difficult Discussions

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Cooperation Is the Key to Success

Mediation works when both parties can collaborate, so try to keep an open mind during the process. Our mediation attorney will help keep things civil so you have the best chance of reaching a satisfying agreement.

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